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“Another month has left. A month with much events, highly sensitive and critical that could shake any community to hell, Old corruption, religious sectarianism, counter-revolution, Political unawareness, economical instability, and national security however we're crossing all like a piece of cake and decorate all of that till now with our first clean and civilized voting process about constitutional amendment and ALL agreed to accept the result before it was announced.


The first word spread over SMS in 11 Feb. when old regime stepped down, was "Egypt back to us, it's yours, don't throw garbage, don't break traffic lights, don't cheat, don't pay bribe...etc". It was a simple SMS that all sent to all and announced over all media and Internet Everyone in Egypt received this msg and save it.. same message as the beginning of new era. In the next day 12 Feb. We started cleaning and painting pavement in Tahrir Square (downtown) then followed in other areas, lot of groups organized such events on FB and others living in an area went out to clean their streets... yea not all ppl changed, but such spirit wasn't exist except inside us but now it goes out in effective ways...


Cleaning streets was just a sign, but also cleaning our minds. In before we were just either working or studying, watching football and TV, and going out with friends to have fun. But Now really we don't even care about football.. we're working as well as competing to get the hot news, spread it over FB, discuss it through comments, participating in different pages (discussion online), fully stuck to all talk show programs (politics) as well as attending in public seminars, and working with others to clean streets or managing traffic (when police was fully absence), rescue our economic and stock market ( that already overcoming the expected total collapse and starting to raise in just 2 session), spread the awareness and helping others who may not have the ability to get the knowledge.”

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